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  • Ursula Jasovec

Biserni zaliv 2022

At the begging of 2022 we started with the performances of ballet for kids with an environmental note to it, to start preserving and taking care of our surroundings. Everything starts with a small gesture. In December we successfully finished our tour with 25 fully packed performances. I am so proud of all the dancers, seeing them develop from performance to performance, enjoy every second of it each time they were on stage, and really grateful to all the moms who took time to help out with organising such big children corpus of dancers. And in the end the biggest thanks goes to a wonderful choreographer and ballet dancer, Ana Trojnar who made this ballet come to life.

I enjoyed writing music myself and hearing all the positive feedback from the dancers, organisers to the kids and other listeners who came to see ballet just made me so blessed and thankful I was able to be part of this project. Thank you all for making this become live and thriving.

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