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  • Ursula Jasovec

Ave Maria Tour 2022

Not only my piece Ave Maria was recorded and produced by a publishing house last year but was also performed on a tour by Petra Vrh Vrezec and Gregor Klančič throughout Slovenia, starting with a concert in Ljubljana. On a day when it was performed I just flew back home and I took off from a very long flight, forced myself not to go directly home to sleep but to go to the concert and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Listening pieces from Caccini, Mozart, Verdi, Saint-Saëns etc. my soul was lifted up and the fact that on a same concert where all those big names were performed I heard my piece it just made my heart full of happiness. A beautiful sound coming from above filling the space of the Ursuline church was so special I felt better when the concert was finished, although I had to hurry back to the bus station not to miss my last bus home. Worth every second of it. Thank you Petra and Gregor for that!

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