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  • Ursula Jasovec

Pesem iz vira moči

Pesem iz vira moči (The Song from the Source of Strenght/The Power of the Swamp) is a musical theatre play, a fairy tale for children. It was written on the initiative and in cooperation with the Terra Anima society, with which we raise awareness of the importance of the swamp ecosystem for our environment.

We are losing wetlands faster than rainforest - we have lost nearly 90% of wetlands globally since 1700. These earth's most vulnerable ecosystems are important as air conditioners in managing climate change, providing drinking water and purifying and enriching groundwater. Wetlands are the kidneys of the landscape and a treasure trove of biodiversity, the most biotically diverse ecosystems.

Our goal was to show how to stand up for it, how to become its guardian or just someone who lets the power of the place through themselves and thus becomes much more.

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