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  • Ursula Jasovec

Kako je osliček premagal pošast 2022/2023

How the donkey who defeated the monster is a therapeutic musical story to help children cope with fear. It was inspired by a real donkey named Bard. Bard is such a character and Špela Kaplja felt that for his birthday she will write a story inspired by Bard. It is a lovely story about how we make the fears ourselves and how the donkey deals with it, showing townspeople how to get through it. It was such a pleasure to write music for this lovely story, which came alive with illustrations by Jana Fak.

The book was published and presented in December 2022 by Terra Anima and can be purchased by Chiara publishing house. Since Špela is also a storyteller we started touring with this book around and I am looking forward performing pieces live with her throughout Slovenia, helping kids realise fear is but a big fluffy furry friendly "monster".

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